Society Introduction

In 2002, Mr Ren Jianhui is elected as the President of the Artists Society of Singapore (ASOS). Ever since, the society has made improvement to become a fast growing art society.  ASOS consists of an independent group of Singapore-based artists carrying the common passion of artistic exploration with a focus on aesthetic academicism.

Under the leadership of Mr Ren, the society strives to promote artistic activities and nurture talents in the region by organising workshops and group exhibitions, understanding and synchronizing with global trends and movements.

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Current Committee:

President: Mr. Ren Jian Hui
Vice President: Ms. Feng Xiao Jing
Vice President: Mr. Willam Tan Ruixiang
Secretary: Ms. Juliana Chan Sok Yin
Assistance Secretary: Ms. Foo Yuet Yee
Treasurer: Mr. Tan Meng Xuan
Assistant Treasurer: Ms. Shao J.Y.

Member List:

Mr. Kent Ng (Ex – Vice President)
Ms. Debbie Lee (Ex –  Vice President)
Ms. Teo Ai Woon (Ex – Assistance Secretary)
Ms. Eu Oy Chun (Ex – Treasurer)
Ms. Jessica Tan (Ex – Treasurer)
Mr. Jack Ren (Curatorial Director)
Mr. Kong Zhiwei
Ms. Helen Li
Ms. Wang Xia
Ms. Vianey Moreno
Ms. Maggie Liu
Ms. Ding Xitong
Mr. Huang Chengyu
Ms. Hu Yixin
Mr. Ma Longfei
Ms. Chua Jeng Hean
Ms. Meng Zixi
Ms. Li Hua
Ms. Han Dong
Ms. Zhang Yi
Mr. Tongxi
Ms. Lu Hui
Ms. Shaw Lin Uyi
Ms. Peng Kang Qi
Mr. Austin Chia
Ms. Xiao Chen
Ms. Zhang Yiyun
Mr. Zhao Tianming
Mr. Chen Yongqi
Mr. Yang Zhongda
Ms. Cui Chen
Ms. Pan Ying
Ms. Karen Tan
Mr. Long Zehao